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We want to provide support to good causes, and one way to do that is to offer discounted rates on storage and materials to particular types of project. We may actively subsidise or fund some when income is high enough.

Broadly this includes projects that;

  • Help start or maintain outside projects of public or environmental benefit
  • Will the reduce survival overhead of individuals and/or groups
  • Improve social cohesion and/or accessibility

This is on the condition that the project is actively and publicly documented on a regular basis to maintain the sponsored position. It does not cover projects solely for personal benefit.

Special rates will be by application.

Possible examples

  • Fitting-out, or construction of, specialised equipment for community-oriented non-profits
  • Minority outreach projects
  • Food chain improvements - Sustainable growth, improved storage, waste reduction
  • Open source tools - Development with the goal of becoming comparable with commercial options
  • Other essentials to life - Furniture, utensils, clothing, medical, clean water, shelter, power, communication
  • Recycling & reuse - Waste processing, repair tools
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